Monetizing Video with Multipop

You have questions.  Your boss has questions.  Don't worry, we have answers.  Read on to get the scoop on all things Multipop.

Q:  How does Multipop work?

A:  Multipop works by adding interactive content to any on-demand video by wrapping the your video player with our interactive platform.

Q:  How is Multipop different than other interactive video platforms?

A:  There are many differences, but the biggest is our commitment to preserving the integrity of the video itself striving for the ultimate balance of user experience and monetization.

Other differences include:

  • We’re 100% mobile ready via our browser-based solution
  • Multipop’s ability to deliver interactive content to any VOD or SVOD platform, like websites, mobile apps, OTT, or TV Everywhere applications
  • One dashboard to control all your interactive content
  • A fully self-serve platform where you can create and distribute an interactive video in minutes

Q:  How does Multipop add content to existing video?

A:  First, we start by wrapping or plugging-into your existing video player (like YouTube, Vimeo, or Ooyala) with the Multipop content editor.  In most cases, your video player will provide you with a URL that allows someone to click through to your video.  That’s what we need.  Using that URL, you share your video with Multipop.  We then use our software to find the video and sync our player.  After that, all that’s left is for you to add content that helps engage your viewers or generate revenue from your content.

For access to our Restful API Documentation:

We just deployed our first plugin for Brightcove with more to come...

Q: Do you have a quick start guide?

A: Yes, click this link and download the document? 

Q:  What video players do you work with?

A:  We work with all the major video players on the market:  YouTube, Vimeo, Ooyala, Kaltura, Brightcove, Flowplayer, Limelight, and Vidible.  If you need something custom, or know of a player not listed above, email us at

Q:  Is there a particular video player that you recommend?

A:  No, each has their strengths and weaknesses, but we don’t have a preference as to which one you use.

Q:  When I Multipop a video, does that mean I have to upload it to your servers?

A:  No, the video remains embedded in whatever video player you use (see above) and remains on their server.  We don’t ever host the video or store it on our servers.  We simply find the video on the internet, connect with it via their API, and help you add your content.  If you want to see for yourself, start a free trial and upload a video.  You’ll find it’s easy to get started using just the sharable URL provided by your video player.

Q: Can I make mass uploads of video files to author from my video platform to Multipop?

A: Yes, with a simple script that we can provide (or you can write with our API, you can upload an unlimited number of videos as often as you would like!

Q: Can I create a template to quickly populate videos and publish?

A: Yes! You can predefine templates based on time and categories/labels to automatically populate your videos enabling a fast way to start publishing and distributing your Multipop'd videos. Here are the recommended steps:

1.  Copy video URL

2. Select MP template, with closest time, click “EDIT”

3. Open “OPTION Tab”

4. Title: Change Name

5. Poster: Choose Image

6. Video Source: Click on “Change Source” 

and enter YouTube Video URL

7. Classification: Select Category

8. Click on “Save Changes”

Get Embed Code

Video Tab, got to video and click on Share

Click on “INLINE”

Copy Embed Code

Q:  If I Multipop a YouTube video, will I still receive credit for any YouTube views?

A:  Yes!  That’s one of the advantages of Multipop.  No matter where you embed a Multipop’d YouTube video, you still get credit for the views.

Q:  After I have Multipop’d a video, what can I do with it?

A:  The best thing to do with it is embed it on your website where it’s going to get the most views.  After that, there are lots of places to post a Multipop’d video.  

You can:

  • Share to social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, and LinkedIn

  • Drop the video into an email blast

  • Place it on a campaign landing page

  • Embed it in a blog

  • Integrate Multipop into a Rich Media campaign

Essentially anywhere that you can embed HTML code, you can share a Multipop’d video.

Q:  How does Multipop work with Facebook and Facebook videos?

A:  When you share a Multipop’d video to Facebook, the video is placed in your timeline like any other piece of content.  You can also use some of the 3rd party services to embed a video into one of your Facebook tabs.

We do not have the ability to Multipop a video that’s been uploaded to Facebook’s video player.  That would require access to Facebook’s video player API which they have not made available to developers.

Q:  We syndicate all of  our videos to 3rd party sites.  How does your interactive video platform work with that process?

A:  Great question!  We just wrote a blog about it. Check out our blog post introducing Multipop Video Channels for all the details on how we support syndicated videos.

UPDATE:  We just added the ability to upload up to 100 videos at a time from your video player to Multipop.  For high-volume publishers of VOD content, this makes it even easier to add videos, enhance them with content, and syndicate them out through your partner channels.

Q:  What is Multipop’s pricing structure?

A:  Multipop bet on itself with a pay-for-performance structure.   We use a simple, tiered CPM model where you can easily budget and ensure your margins are strong.  Imagine a 6x on your CPM and look at the margin you'll make.  We don’t charge for bandwidth, or hosting fees. Similar to Google Adsense, you can set a budget on an account or video basis in order to control your costs.  The bottom line is:  we only get paid if you’re seeing results!

Q:  Ok, so how much does it cost?

A:   All our CPM pricing is tiered based on the volume of views aggregated across all your videos.

  • Tier 1:  0 - 1,000,000 views at a $2 CPM 
  • Tier 2:  1,000,001 - 9,999,999 views at a $1.75 CPM
  • Tier 3:  10,000,000 - 24,999,999 views at a $1.50 CPM
  • Tier 4:  25,000,000 - 49,999,999 views at a $1.25 CPM
  • Tier 5: 50,000,000 - 99,999,999 views at a $1.00 CPM
  • Tier 6: 100,000,000 + views at a $0.75 CPM

With this pricing structure our fee is fixed and yours is completely uncapped! An average customer sees at least a 6x in impressions.

Q:  Can I set a budget for a video?  What happens if my budget runs out before my campaign ends? Will my video stop being seen?

A:  Yes, you can set a budget for each specific video, if that’s the best option for you.  And if your budget runs out before your campaign is over (a great problem to have, by the way!), you have options.  

First, before the campaign begins , you can set email alerts to let you know if your video is nearing the limits of the budget.  From there, you can add more money to the budget and keep your viewers engaging with the content.  O, if money is an issue you can suspend the Multipop feature and content , while continuing to run the video. This allows your campaign to continue without interruption, an important feature is video is part of a paid campaign.  


We'll add more questions regularly.  If you have a questions that isn't addressed above, go to the Contact Us page and send us a note.  We'll get back to you within 48 hours.