“As expected, much of this increase can be attributed to mobile, where mobile page views have increased 81 percent compared to the same time last year, according to KPCB analyst Mary Meeker’s 2014 Internet Trends report.” - Digiday

Mobile, Mobile, Mobile.

The trend of the marketplace is TV everywhere.  What they are really talking about is mobile phone usage and over-the-top (OTT), the ability create content networks that skip cable operators and go directly to  consumers. The audience using those devices are expecting engagement.  Check that - they crave it! There are a lot of experiments out there trying to figure out the right way to use “Second Screen” experiences but no one has cracked the code just yet.

The biggest gap in all of this is mobile interaction. In the recently released Global Video Index Report for Q4 2014, produced by Ooyala, a number of key trends were highlighted, including the following:

  1. 34% of all video plays in Q4 were on tablets and smartphones

  2. Tablet and smartphone video plays grew 2X in the past year, 5X since 2012 and 16X since 2011

  3. PCs led all devices in the number of ad impressions for broadcasters and publishers, followed by mobile phones. In this category, mobile phones continue to gain ground and take share from PCs.

  4. Tablets have the highest ad completion rates for broadcasters, followed by PCs and mobile phones.

What does all that mean?

It means that consumers are consuming more and more video content on their phone, advertisers are pushing ads to those devices, but consumers are ignoring them.  Why?  Because on a mobile phone banner ads and
pre-roll are invasive and fail to add value.

That’s why (one of) our mottos here at Multipop is F*** Pre-Roll.

We made it our mission to address this glaring hole in the marketplace by delivering an interactive video experience which allows viewers to connect with rich interactive content items within a mobile phone browser, but without disrupting the viewing experience.

We are excited to share that we developed a solution to answer this call. Now, any user of Multipop can deliver a mobile experience without costly custom development or native applications. Multipop was developed as a touch-friendly interface to make it easy and convenient for users to explore and interact with all the content that the desktop or tablet experience delivers. If you want to shop, tweet, or vote from your phone while watching a video, now you can!

This is the beginning of a better interactive video experience for brands, publishers, and consumers.  This is the beginning of a new revenue opportunities for publishers and value-added content for viewers.  This is the beginning of a new way to think of mobile video content.

We know that this solution will be constantly evolving as devices and interfaces change, but we're answering the bell to avoid leaving money and consumer out in the cold mobily. And our tools, you can make real time changes to any of the content items without additional development costs or human resource time. With all of that said, we have a well documented API that can plug into any platform or device from OTT to custom app interface from the same source Multipop.

Sign-up for a free trial today and be there at the beginning.