Channels make it easy to syndicate interactive video content to third party sites

Today we announce a new feature for Multipop: Channels. If you syndicate interactive videos out to third party sites, channels can help. They let you provide a single embed code through which you can publish an ever changing list of videos. So your syndication partner just has to integrate the Multipop player once, then you have ongoing controls of what content appears.

To an end user, a channel looks exactly like the normal Multipop player, except that when a video completes, the next one in the channel will automatically play. So the channel is much like a continuous playlist of videos.

To create a channel, go to Account Settings, then Channels, then click Create New Channel. You'll then see a form with options for which videos to include and what order to play them in:

Channel Options


For videos to include, you can:

  • include all videos in your account
  • include all videos in a category (more on how to assign categories below)
  • enter an explicit list of videos by their video ID (more on how to find this below)

For the playback sequence, you can choose:

  • latest first (i.e., the most recently updated video will play first)
  • random
  • explicit (available only when you enter an explicit list of video ID's)

Finally, there are options for sharing:

  • the Social Description is used when an end user shares the channel via Facebook
  • the Share URL is for when you want social shares to lead to your own page in which the channel is embedded rather than the default channel page provided by Multipop

Sharing Channels

Save your channel and go back to the list. From here you can preview the channel by clicking the thumbnail image. To get the embed code, click the Share link. You'll see a panel just like the normal Multipop player with all the usual options for embedding inline vs. overlay, sizing, etc.


Managing Which Videos Are Included

As noted above, you can set a channel to include all videos in a category. This is a way to easily manage and change the channel content over time. Categories are assigned on the Videos page. Just click the "+ categorize" link for any video, then assign a category. Your channel will update automatically as you make these assignments. Also note that you can filter the video list by category (useful for managing large video libraries) and filter your analytics by category.

The other inclusion option is an explicit list of video ID's. This is useful if you want to pull together an ad-hoc channel not related to categories. You can find the videoID in the corner of each row in the video list. Note the number "785" in the screen shot below.


Multipop Channels - Playlist Example

Click on the video below to see how Channels work.  When you do, watch for a couple of cool features.

First, the videos can be set to run in a specific order or at random.  This video is set to 'Random.'

Second, once you come to the end of the sequence, the playlist starts over from the beginning.

As we said above, this is a great way to keep users engaged in your content, drive more impressions, and deliver value to advertisers.

Ok...your turn.  Push PLAY

Howe else would you use our new Channel's feature?  Leave us your suggestions in the comments below.