…including an in-house creative arm called Pin Factory, new pricing structures, improved audience targeting and animated "Cinematic Pins”…UGHHH.

Pinterest announced that it’s offering enhanced advertising with their “cinematic pins” that move “faster” and make the users feel like they are in control. Further, they have improved audience targeting. (See Article from Adage)


Those are steps in the right direction, but I think they’re missing a big opportunity in the video space. I’m not sure why they are essentially offering the same products as other social platforms are. They’re not truly taking advantage of their unique purpose…creative ideas for the DIYers. Essentially, they’re going with standard methods and adding some animation and calling it an “enhanced” experience.

They’re underserving their audience and limiting creativity for their brand partners.

To me, from a marketers point of view, I see amazing an amazing consumer based of creative and motivated people! I want to connect with them in this forum, but I can only do it with .gifs, static images, copy, and links?!

Where I believe there is a huge opportunity for Pinterest is in the video space facilitating embedded video content vs. links. Here’s why:

1. Links -  this is counter to Pinterest’s interests (see what I did there :). Their goal should be to keep people within their world as long as possible. Sending them toYouTube.com is a big opportunity cost in additional visitor monetization and their overall ROI for brands.

2. Creativity - Consumers go to Pinterest for ideas and inspiration, etc. Video is the most powerful media to fill that need. A significant portion of major brands that make Pinterest a priority to connect with audience are also big video content producers.

3. Perfect forum for the “How-To” video genre -  L’Oreal is a major video content producer, they spend boat loads of money on how-to videos and promoting them onYT.com?! A big piece of that money could be spent on Pinterest with the ability to embed!

4. Look at the Tea Leaves…There is a reason there’s panic around Twitter’s monetization and why Facebook is making video a  #1 target. Traditional advertising, which Cinematic Pins fall into (basically a rich media ad), are not effective enough and audiences are desensitized to them. People want video and interactivity, you better be striving for both…

To put the cherry on top, Pinterest could make a huge impact if they dive headfirst into the interactive video space. "How-to" content is dying for more context and audience participation, they could facilitate the main outlet for that content!

I believe Pinterest has the foundation to build an even richer and stickier site with a few key modifications/additions. They can do this by leveraging the “interest” of their audience through INTERACTIVITY (video preferred)!