It’s time to redefine business models to fit the mold of today’s technology.

No one wants to take any chances and pay upfront. It’s seems like a $10.00 invoice will put someone’s job on the line. What do most SaaS services do in response? They charge lower and lower prices, trying to deliver value by having a low-cost product. What does that do? It kills otherwise promising technologies by inherently limiting their revenue and profit, product development, and overall growth.

If you’re not just fantasizing about cashing out for hundreds of millions quickly on the next killer app, you have to work really hard to define your value and your revenue streams.  (But if you’re out there and want to buy a hot, interactive video platform for hundreds of millions, we’re listening.  Anyone?  No?  Ok..moving on.)

We believe if you build something truly innovative, something that adds meaningful value to the market, you should bet on yourself and the product you built. (If you aren’t willing to believe in yourself, you probably won’t succeed anyway.) For an entrepreneur, there is a certain level of “true belief” that no else can really understand, but is insanely important. Now, that does not mean you live in a walled garden. Look and listen to the market, mentors, or clients, but remember you’re the innovator and see something a different way, so stick to your core mission.

At Multipop, we struggle with this question.  We have a great product that we know drives tremendous value for our clients.  But how do we make money? A subscription? Up-front licensing? A blend of the two? Should we just do what everyone else is doing?

We decided that we’re true believers in Multipop and what it can do. We are betting on ourselves and our belief that we can help companies make more money from their video content while creating a great user experience.

Our pricing structure is pretty simple:  we get paid when your audience interacts with your content.  If Multipop does not make multi-platform interactive video easy to deploy on any screen and device, especially mobile platforms, we’re not doing our jobs.

We put control in the hands of our clients.  Much like Google AdSense or Facebook Ads, you determine how you allocate your dollars and for how long.  When Multipop performs, be it over a single campaign or fully integrated into your video strategy, then we earned our paychecks.  We believe that when Multipop is put into practice and utilized correctly, that the results will be undeniable. We’re betting on ourselves. 

We spent a crazy amount of time, money, and anxiety to develop the best way to drive interactive video across all platforms.

Pay for performance.  To me, it’s the ultimate test of faith in a winning product.