Launch ushers in an era of true browser-based mobile video interaction

NEW YORK, MARCH 25, 2015 – Multipop LLC today announced that it is first-to-market with a browser-based interactive video platform designed specifically for mobile video consumption. Multipop enables content producers, publishers and marketers to transform their video with interactive content without disrupting the viewing experience. Now, that same interactive content will be available on smartphones and mobile devices.

Multipop allows publishers to deploy interactive video from desktop to mobile in a matter of hours using existing mobile browsers. At a time when mobile video consumption is growing exponentially, Multipop is designed to specifically address the growing need for content publishers to reach consumers on their mobile device. Pre-roll ads are reportedly skipped 94% of the time, post-roll ads have been abandoned, and advertisers are searching for non-invasive means of connecting with consumers of video content on mobile devices.

“We designed the Multipop platform specifically to address the needs of the mobile user,” said Multipop Founder and CEO Josh Lamb. “Our mobile-first attitude towards interactivity, along with our commitment to maintaining the integrity of the content, uniquely positions us to address the needs of both publisher and consumer.”

Multipop was first to offer an out-of-the-box interactive video platform that allows publishers to produce and deploy interactive video content almost immediately, without the need for massive upfront costs. Multipop’s industry leading technology plugs into any video player, allowing it to live virtually anywhere and deliver a ready-to-use solution to publishers from the start. That same proprietary technology is now bringing interactive video to mobile devices.

Examples can be viewed by visiting on any mobile device and clicking on any of the examples on the home page.

“Multipop can place publishers directly in front of mobile users with an off-the-shelf solution,” continued Lamb. “We’re mobile first.  Our solution makes accessible the audiences content creators want without the financial risk of building an app. With Multipop, you can have interactive mobile videos deployed in just a few hours.”

By simply tapping on the screen of the phones, viewers can engage with interactive features, watch video-within-a-video, vote on polls and, of course, share content via social media.

Comedy Website Funny or Die, which has a new Multipop channel at, uses the video and mobile platform to explore new and unobtrusive ways to give value to advertisers as well as an engaging and enjoyable user experience.


Multipop is disrupting the digital video experience by developing the first out-of-the-box interactive video platform that works across desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. Built for publishers and viewers, Multipop adds enhanced features to any on-demand video without disrupting the video with overlays or other intrusive features.  The interactive video player can add engaging content extensions, commerce and new advertising opportunities to any video in minutes.  For more info visit