Finally, someone realized that a good experience can still make money.

Let’s start out with a big round of applause for Refinery29, Vice Media, Vox Media, Buzz Feed and Mic for rejecting the continued influx of ad tech due to its negative impact on the user experience.

Think about that for a moment.  Publishers, whose business depend on some form of advertising revenue, are putting users first.  For those of us who are exhausted by the daily chore of avoiding, blocking, closing, and skipping intrusive advertising, this is a great step forward.

To be fair, the publishers listed above aren’t going to stop partnering with advertisers in an effort to generate revenue, nor should they. Creators of good content should have every opportunity to monetize said content.  But on the flip side, readers and viewers should have every opportunity to avoid those sites that don’t creatively and thoughtfully approach revenue generation with an eye towards the user experience.

If you’re a regular reader of our blog, you know that we’ve been screaming from the rooftops that the user experience is paramount to engaging audiences, higher ad values, and increased  profitability.  That’s why we applaud publishers who take the long-term view of user experiences, trust, and audience engagement above short-term revenue.

You can deliver high-value placements to brands around content, especially video. It is possible to integrate advertising products that are not blocked by ad blockers.  You can use new technology to improve the end-user experience.  We know - Multipop does it.

You don’t need to add layers upon layers of code to websites, slowing their load times, and subjecting consumers to ads that follow them around the internet.  We know - Multipop doesn't do it.

Every day Multipop is advocating for better solutions.  Better for publishers. Better for brands.  Better for users.  

The tide is turning.  The only question is:  will you be swimming with the tide, or against it?