You’ve made the commitment to creating compelling video content. You gained buy-in from senior leadership.  The video strategy is in place and budget money has been allocated.  Congratulations!  You are a trend setter and ahead of your peers.  (Especially the part about having a strategy for video.  That alone puts you in very select company.)

But some nagging questions remain.  How do I connect video content to the actions I want my viewers to take? How am I measuring ROI?  Did I really need that second latte this morning?  

A few minutes of research and you discover that interactive video is not only a thing, it’s the next big thing.  Interactive video has been around for a few years, but the intersection of technology, the growth of video content, and the necessity of high-value digital sales inventory is just entering its peak now.

What should you do?  Do your research.  Explore your options.  Ask lots of questions.

To help you get started, here are 10 Questions to Ask When Choosing an Interactive Video Platform.

Q1:    Are you mobile ready?

A1:    Mobile video consumption is exploding!  To truly take advantage of video consumption, an interactive platform has to work in a mobile environment. Interactivity has to take into account the screen size, connectivity, and an effective user experience. Make sure that your interactive video vendor is mobile ready and can show it in action.

Q2:    What analytics can I view?

A2:    If the answer is anything other than “everything” quickly run in the opposite direction.  Seriously.  Any platform worth its salt should be able to easily present data for both individual videos and the account as whole. Engagement time, interaction rate, and content impressions are a must have.  Inquire with your potential partner about the depth of analytics around each piece of content.  Will their data help you optimize for future videos?

Q3:    Where can I share my video?

A3:    Video consumption is growing exponentially because of the growth in available content, but also because social media platforms encourage sharing video content. That means your interactive videos need to be sharable on social media, not just embedded in your website.  

Engagement = Distribution + Promotion.  To get the engagement you want, you have to drive views.

Q4:    Who are you currently working with?  Where can I see examples of your product in action?

A4:        Interactive video is a new technology, there are different philosophies on how to approach it and adoption is still in its early stages. Keep an open mind while performing your due diligence. One vendor might have multiple clients each working on small pilot programs while another may only have two fully engaged clients.  As this a new field, consider all the factors - technology, client base, user experience, and the working relationship.

Q5:        When adding interactivity to my videos, can I do it myself?  

A5:        ICYMI, the internet never sleeps.  That means you need to be able to react in real-time when the situation warrants.  That means responding in minutes and hours, not days.

The ability to quickly respond to current events is crucial in maintaining your digital brand.  Ideally the interactive video platform you’re considering is self-serve allowing you to create and edit your interactive content internally. If not, you need to understand the turn-around time from your vendor.  How long does it take?  Where is their office?  If it’s New York, do they have someone on call for issues that arise after hours?  How do they service the West Coast? Do they guarantee their delivery time?  These are all important questions in understanding the speed at which your provider can service your account.

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