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Who We Are

Multipop’s patented content delivery platform enables commerce, advertising, and engaging content to be added to any Omnichannel video strategy.


Who We Are

Multipop’s patented content delivery platform enables commerce, advertising, and engaging content to be added to any Omnichannel video strategy.

Multipop - Driving Video Forward

Multipop is disrupting the digital video experience by building the first truly scalable content distribution platform. Multipop lets anyone monetize video in minutes by  adding engaging commerce, content extensions and new advertising opportunities to any video in minutes. This drives deeper engagement and monetization opportunities around existing or new digital video content and rich media placements.

Josh Lamb

CEO & Founder

Lamb has proven himself a business innovator, bringing a fresh vision and bold approach to industry leaders such as Frito Lay and Robert Half International.

In 2009, Lamb co-founded The Shadow Gang, a transmedia company built to develop an original experience called BZRK in partnership with best-selling author Michael Grant and Egmont Publishing. With the sales of foreign book rights in over 14 countries, and movie option rights to Sony Pictures within a year of fruition, and prior to the mainstream book launch, Lamb proved that a multi-platform narrative experience could help build an audience and global reach.

That experience led Lamb and CTO, Steve Harshbarger to develop Multipop. Built with content creators and their publishers at the core, Multipop delivers interactive videos across virtually any platform. Quickly add a variety of content items like merchandise, advertising, commentary and voting, all without disrupting the core experience. His goal: help producers deliver effective money making content and a great user experience to the audience so everyone can win!

Steve Harshbarger

CTO & Partner


Invention is the cornerstone of Steve Harshbarger's distinguished career in software development. As CTO at Multipop, he is defining the new intersection of technology and storytelling through development of the Multipop interactive video platform.

Always up for breaking new ground, Harshbarger is known for pushing the "many hats" concept to the limit. Equal parts product visionary, software architect, user experience advocate, agile development manager, technical mentor, writer and occasional hands-on coder, he innovates and delivers with remarkable speed. 

In the startup world, Harshbarger made his mark developing the Galahad transmedia platform, the VizzVox instant media production service and the PRIMARQ crowdfunding platform. He began his career at KPMG Consulting, then joined Plural where he built two successful software development consulting practices from the ground up in Washington, DC and San Francisco. Connect with him on LinkedIn.

Multipop Advisory Board

Comprised of leaders in retail, entertainment, advertising, and digital media, the Advisory Board has played a key role in Multipop’s early growth. Their collective expertise, endorsement, and support have helped us break new ground in interactive video.

Nick Ruma
Vice President, Ad Operations and Business Operations
Funny or Die
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Stacey Bendet Eisner
Founder & CEO
Alice + Olivia
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Multipop Clients Using Interactive Video

Multipop Clients Using Interactive Video

Delivering Results for World-Class Clients

We love our clients and partners!  Our thanks to each and every one of them for trusting us with their digital audiences.

Keep on Multipop'n!






We're Hiring!

We're Hiring!


Multipop Development Lead  

(Key Skills Required in Bold, Italics)

We’re looking for a hands-on, full stack, iterative software developer looking for loads of responsibility and autonomy to work on our interactive video platform. As our Technical Lead, you will be the primary person responsible for designing and developing new features and integrations as our business grows and unfolds. This is a great opportunity to take ownership of a complex platform in growing space, put your own stamp on it and move it forward.

We are a small team doing big things in a startup environment, so to fit in you’ll need to be:

  • incredibly smart

  • endlessly adaptable

  • able to invent your way around problems

  • work fast and be delivery oriented

  • be fun and personable!

Some specific responsibilities and skills required for the position are listed below, keeping in mind the role will grow and evolve with the business.

Requirement Definition & Management

You will be taking continuous input for new features (big and small) and integrations from our CEO, CTO and customer/partner requirements. Your responsibility will be to:

  • quickly understand the requirements and help to fill in the details

  • propose specific features to implement, including alternatives and tradeoffs

  • manage an agile development backlog of implementation work

  • show work in progress, actively take feedback and develop in an iterative manner

Architecture & Design

You will be required to understand the current architecture of the Multipop platform and be prepared to extend and modify it as the business evolves and new requirements unfold. Key concepts are:

  • RESTful API design

  • Video delivery technologies, vendors and platforms

  • Scalable service design

  • Data warehouse design

  • Responsive UI design

  • Integration with 3rd party APIs and services

Full Stack Technical Skills

You will be the primary hands-on developer of the Multipop platform including back end services, front end user interfaces and production operations. While experience with every technology listed below is not required, you should have worked with a substantial portion and have the ability to pick up new skills quickly.

Application Server

Our back end services run on Microsoft Azure using the .NET framework, scalable web and worker roles, SQL databases and a REDIS cache:

  • Microsoft Azure cloud platform

  • C#, .NET

  • Entity Framework

  • Web API framework

  • SQL Server / Azure SQL Database service

  • REDIS Cache

User Interface

Our front end user interfaces are web based using standards and open source technologies, including substantial client-side integration with video players:

  • HTML5

  • Javascript / JQuery

  • CSS3 / .LESS

  • HTML video API / Popcorn.js framework

  • Microsoft MVC.NET / Razor


You will also be required to manage the deployment, operations and support of the production platform. As a cloud-based platform, these task are not difficult, but do involve:

  • Source code control (Git)

  • Deployments to multiple environments (dev/test/prod)

  • Monitoring/predicting resource utilization and cost, then scaling accordingly

  • Exception monitoring, bug tracking, triage and resolution

  • Uptime monitoring and issue resolution (with our code and vendor services)

  • DNS management, SSL certificates