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Multipop is disrupting the digital video experience by building the first truly scalable interactive video platform.

Team Multipop

Multipop is disrupting the digital video experience by building the first truly scalable interactive video platform. Multipop lets anyone monetize video in minutes by  adding engaging commerce, content extensions and new advertising opportunities to any video in minutes. This drives deeper engagement and monetization opportunities around existing or new digital video content and rich media placements.


Josh Lamb

CEO & Founder

Lamb has proven himself a business innovator, bringing a fresh vision and bold approach to industry leaders, such as Frito Lay and Robert Half International. By 2008, Lamb had dumped the traditional business world for the uncharted digital realm, where he developed a new, innovative means of cultivating engaged online audiences that attracts content providers, brand partnerships and new revenue opportunities. In 2009, Lamb co-founded The Shadow Gang, a transmedia content development company built to develop an original experience called BZRK partnered with best selling author Michael Grant and Egmont Publishing. In that experience, a new theory was tested that a multi-platform narrative experience could help build an audience and global reach. With the sales of foreign book rights in over 14 countries and movie option rights to Sony Pictures within a year of fruition and prior to the mainstream book launch, it worked. From that extensive experience combining new technologies with content, Lamb and CTO, Steve Harshbarger developed Multipop. Built with content creators and their publishers at the core, Multipop can transform video with interactive content. In minutes and with virtually any platform add a variety of content items like merchandise, advertising, commentary and voting, all without disrupting the core experience. His goal help producers deliver effective money making content and deliver great user experiences to the audience, everyone can win!

Steve Harshbarger

Chief Technology Officer


Invention and sweating the details are the cornerstones of Harshbarger's distinguished career in software development. As CTO at Multipop, he is defining the new intersection of technology and storytelling by directing development of the Multipop video platform and API. In the two decades prior, Harshbarger made his mark as inventor of the VizzVox instant media production platform, technical architect of a crowdfunding platform at PRIMARQ, and pioneer of using cloud technology to build APIs, web apps and mobile apps at a series of startups and corporate clients. Harshbarger began his career at KPMG Consulting, then joined Plural where he built two successful software development consulting practices from the ground up in Washington, DC and San Francisco, CA.